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Head trainer Secelea Rose is an accomplished trainer & athlete who has been transforming bodies for over 15 years

Having worked with a diverse range of clients across 5 countries, she is accustomed to tailoring fitness programs to suit specific body shapes, fitness levels and physical limitations.  With a multitude of diplomas and certifications gained throughout her career, Secelea has in depth knowledge and expertise in most genres of training.  She will challenge you and push you to your limits, all while giving you an experience you will never forget!

Secelea's Transformation

Her Passion

As a competitive athlete in her teens Secelea developed thick powerful muscles, that although essential for her success in Athletics, did not exactly give her the ballerina physique that most 16 year old girls wanted.

Soon after finishing her track and field career, to make matters worse she also gained 7kg due to the sudden change in her exercise program. Combined with muscle bulk from years of competitive sport, the added weight gain made her completely unhappy with her body image. With a strong sense of discipline in her training, a great deal of experimenting and a love of dance, in under 12 months Secelea had completely transformed her body, creating long, lean muscles.  Since her dramatic transformation, Secelea has successfully maintained her physique well into her 30’s by refining the methods developed.

For Secelea this was her journey to true body happiness.  Her desire to change her own body has since become her passion to help others achieve their own transformations.  Through countless years of study, research and guiding thousands of clients to reaching their personal fitness goals, Secelea Rose has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve yours.

INBA Bikini Body National Finals

Her Journey

As well as already establishing herself in 4 countries, Secelea had visited Australia several years ago and swore that she’d be back. Returning in 2013, she met sales executive and life partner Chris Rose.  The rest is history.

Since moving to Sydney, Australia she has spent much of her time further expanding her knowledge with multiple Australian Certifications and a Diploma in Sports Coaching. In addition, she has become a preferred trainer for some of the most well known Sydney based gyms, fitness studios and sports lifestyle companies such as Nike Australia, Hard Candy Fitness Australia, UFC Gym Sydney, Crunch Gym, KX Pilates Studios Australia and BodyMindLife Studios.

Adding to her busy schedule, as well as planning the launch of SR Rawfitness, in 2016 Secelea decided to compete in the highly regarded INBA Australia bikini body competition. Achieving 2 medals in the NSW Championships, she moved on to challenge some of the best bikini bodies in Australia and won 2 more medals including “Silver” in the National Australian Championship!  At 37 years of age, Secelea has retained her competitive spirit and knows exactly what it takes to push yourself to your limits!

Õhtuleht Newspaper - Estonia

Secelea’s journey in fitness began when she was accepted into the Estonian Junior National Team for Track and Field at age 14. Her dedication saw her very quickly become a top competitor internationally in the Baltic Track & Field Championship where she took first place in multiple events.

Further to her athletic achievements, her love of dance led her into a career in cabaret dancing across Estonia where her body transformation began. Experimenting with different fitness and nutrition plans, she began to choreograph her own aerobics routines which led to dramatic change in the way she looked and most importantly how she felt. At 20 years of age, Secelea’s image of herself had completely changed and her new found confidence led her to becoming a finalist in the prestigious Miss Estonia competition!

Now at a point of true body happiness, Secelea wanted to share her knowledge with others so decided to create her very own women’s fitness studio in Estonia. In only a few short years, her unique combination of dance and aerobics rose her to fame being rated as the best fat burner aerobics class in Tallinn by one of the highest rated newspapers in the country.

Tokyo Families Magazine

In a bold move, Secelea decided to stretch her wings and continue her passion for fitness in Tokyo, Japan, where she resided for 10 years. Leaving her successful studio in Estonia behind, she quickly established herself within some of most well known gyms in Tokyo as a group fitness instructor & personal trainer. In recognition of her hard work, Secelea won the hearts of the people of Tokyo and was featured on the cover of Tokyo Families Magazine.

Simultaneously involved in several projects, this time throughout Asia, she became the campaign girl for Michelin Tyres and was also featured in a music film clip for the popular Japanese artist Hirai Ken.

Later moving to China, she continued her life’s work in Shanghai and Hong Kong, becoming the featured personal trainer for City Weekend Magazine’s “Total Man Makeover” and the cardio trainer for World Health Store’s 12 week fitness challenge.

 Fitness is not only great for your health, it’s also the best anti-ageing weapon there is!

Secelea Rose

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